Welcome to David Devonport Photography


I started bird watching in the early sixties around Teesmouth in the North East of England in my early teens. In areas such as Cowpen Marsh, Saltholme, the Long Drag as the sea wall around the Estuary was known and Hartlepool Headland, they became my regular patch.

From my early twenties I became interested in trying to capture the birds that l saw on camera but birds required a long lense and the cost of a 500mm telephoto was about £3,500. Then in my early twenties my first mortgage was £3.500, which I was paying for over 25 years. Therefore I had to wait to my late fifties before digital came on the scene.

I now live and work as a freelance ornithologist mainly for Environmental companies in the North of Scotland. My work takes me to remote wild places in the Highlands to farmland and the coast, So the opportunities to photograph a variety of birds and animals is now available to me.

The equipment l use is Canon with a range of lenses from 20mm to 800mm f5.6 and two extenders, the current camera body is a 1D X Mark 111. With over forty years experience of watching birds and now working with Birds stands me in a good position to utilise the opportunities as they present themselves to capturing birds in camera.